Device Setup

Now that you are registered,

 it's time to make the best out our service. Let's face it, most of us in the aviation world are in some way or another connected to the internet. While we do provide an advanced Webmail interface, many of us would prefer to have our emails hooked up to our devices.

The guidelines laid out below will help you setup your devices via SSL connections for enhanced security. They include a pictorial guide for ease of understanding.

This is a general setup for mobile devices. The guide below is shown for an Android device but the setup is similar for an Apple IOS device.

  • From your "Home" screen, go into your App drawer (where your apps are located).
  • Select the "Email" app & not the "Gmail" app.
  • Launch the Email app. If this is the first time you are configuring an email account in this app, it will be ready to enter account details. If you already have an existing email account, then go into "settings" in the "Email" app & select "add account".
  •  You should be presented with a screen that looks similar to this. (the look may differ slightly from device to device & OS versions)

Enter Email address & Password you registered with & click "manual setup" button.

Email Setup Page 1

Email Setup Page 1

  • Here select " IMAP "
Select IMAP

Select IMAP

  • In the next page of setup, the username must be your full Email address. The Server address is " " (Note: This Applies To All Domains Under Our Stable)& select " security " to " SSL/TLS " or " SSL " (in some cases). The Port number should read " 993 " . Click " Next " .
In Coming Server Settings.

In Coming Server Settings.

  • We're almost done! Next page is the SMTP Server settings. The SMTP Server address is " " (Note: This Applies To All Domains Under Our Stable)" Security Type " is again " SSL/TLS " or " SSL " . The Port number should read " 465 " .  Make sure "require signin " checkbox is ticked. Click " Next " .

SMTP Server Settings

  • Here you setup how frequent you want to check your inbox. Pretty straightforward.

Inbox frequency settings

  • Here we are at the final step. Give the account a name & choose the " Name " you want to appear on your emails that you send & you are DONE!

The Last Step!


This is how you setup your PC or Laptop. The guide below is shown for Windows but the setup will be similar for a Mac. In this example, we have used " Incredimail " as our Email client. Setup would be very similar with other Email clients. The key would be the entering the correct settings in the respective fields.

  • In the main window, Select " Tools " from the top tab, then select " Email Account " & click the " Add " button.

Click the " Add " button

  • From there, a pop up window will appear like so, select " other " to proceed.

Select " Other "

  • Fill out account information like so

Enter Account Details

  • Seelct " IMAP " & use " "  (Note: This Applies To All Domains Under Our Stable) for " Incoming " & " Outgoing " mail servers.

Incoming & Outgoing server settings

  • Your Email client will now attempt to connect to the Mail Server.


Attempting Connection

  • If you have entered the correct details, you will get a " successful  account creation " .


Success! But not done yet....

  • There are a couple of more steps to setting up your secure connection. Again from the main window, select " Tools " then " Email Accounts " . This time highlight the newly created account & select " Properties " button. Select the " Advanced " tab to configure " SSL " . Ensure the checkbox for " This server requires a secure connection (SSL) " is ticked for both " Incoming " & " Outgoing " servers. Also verify " Server Port Numbers " are correct.


Ensuring Secure Connection

  • That's itNow you're all setup.