Who are we?

VertSpeed was formed by a group of professional Aviators

based out of South East Asia. After years of just talking about it, a collective decision was made to go ahead  & our humble beginnings took root in earnest in the middle of June of 2012.  The Idea was to create a Premium Aviation Email Service. But Why? All of us, if not most of us use Email to communicate with people across the globe. In fact many of us have a FREE Email account & It works just fine!

So why?  Let’s face it, how many of us actually get the username that we want? Often it’s your name attached with a string of numbers or some gibberish that in no way identifies you as an individual . The end result is a loss of your identity. That’s where VertSpeed comes in. Our goal was to create a niche sector for the global Aviation community & that is exactly what we did. So for starters, we are offering your identity BACK! But that’s not all…… click on What We Offer to know more.